Role of Education on Increase of the Inherited Inequality

A transfer of the cultural capital including knowledge from one generation to another in the modern society, where the technological progress advanced to the level of high complexity and defines social stratification, education becomes the most important process in creating and substantiating social inequality and social differences. It is well established fact that the transfer of capital and wealth in a form of inheritance and gifts within families favors individuals for a higher level of education.
Homeschooling and families trading secrets became leading factors of the most influential potency in preserving some specific knowledge and cultural aspects of the financial stability and wealth within relatively small group of people. The support from competency-based education, unexpectedly for its creators and promoters, even increases the gap and allows formalize such transfer in a form of a degree from the most prestigious institutions without an attendance. At the same time, a naturally gifted children might benefit from competency-based education despite of the support from immediate family or community.
In a search for the most effective and efficient education we might ignore the necessity of the sociological research in this regard. Based on a theoretical model of intergenerational solidarity it is possible to weigh risks and benefits and find ways to regulate such processes with the best outcome for all parties involved.

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